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The Woods family gathers at a cabin resort to hear the last will and testament of their wealthy patriarch George Woods ten years after his death. All vying for the much anticipated Woods' fortune, the players include his greedy sister and her grandson, an eccentric niece and two ambitious nephews, his mistress, and his missing daughter's husband with their amnesiac granddaughter. Before the players can stake their claim to the family fortune, each must survive the family attorney's investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Woods' adopted daughter Mona. Did Mona leave to find her long lost mother or was she murdered in cold blood? As the story unfolds, family members turn on each other and murder is the weapon of choice.

Fortune Defies Death
Fortune Defies Death

Fortune Defies Death

Genre: Mystery

Actor: Justin Ray , Julie R lgaard , Shelby Lyon , Jack G Davis

Director: Jennifer Hulum

Writer: Lisa Hagen , RS Hill , Jennifer Hulum

Country: USA

Release: 1970-01-01

Duration: 115 min

Quality: HD

Rating: 0



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