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Enterprising liberal Jew Simon Cohen is the lawless lord of an Amsterdam neighborhood, running a 'coffee' shop' (legal soft drugs sale). As soon as they bump into each-other, Simon fascinates gay, up to then conventionalist Jewish dentistry student Camiel Vrolijk and draws him into his libertine world, even all the way to Thailand for B-movie making. Having seduced Simon's whorish girl, embarrassed Simon leaves quietly. Ten years later, the dentist, now settled with a gay partner, lawyer Bram, meets the new cancer-terminal but affluent Simon again.



Genre: Comedy , Drama

Actor: Cees Geel , Marcel Hensema , Rifka Lodeizen , Nadja Hpscher

Director: Eddy Terstall

Writer: Eddy Terstall screenplay

Country: Netherlands

Release: 2004-09-30

Duration: 102 min

Quality: HD

Rating: 0



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