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By daylight, Lake Miraton is a charming vacation spot; swimming, hiking, old-fashioned living and the like. It is the perfect place to spend a golden summer's afternoon. But as the sun sets on the renters of cabin 206, they begin to notice that the night brings out something different in the lake. As a malevolent darkness rises up around them, five youths are suddenly forced into a battle for their own survival. Strangers become allies; friends become enemies. Until the sun rises again, nobody will be safe.

Soul Fray
Soul Fray

Soul Fray

Genre: Thriller

Actor: Kathryn Jacques , Allison Axtell , Ijon Stewart , Tim Goodell

Director: Tim Goodell

Writer: Tim Goodell

Country: USA

Release: 2016-10-18

Duration: 81 min

Quality: HD

Rating: 0



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